Welcome to JK Equine Massage.

I'm looking forward to helping you and your equine partner achieve your goals, whether it be improved performance or general well being. 


Please contact me to discuss your needs or book an appointment via email, text, facebook or phone. 

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Bodywork and massage does not replace proper veterinary care.


Always contact your vet if you are concerned about your horses health or soundness.



I keep records of my observations and work completed. These records are  available to you so you can track your progress.



Massage techniques are those endorsed by Equinology Inc. and are aimed at stimulating blood flow and relieving tension and discomfit. 



A brief workout can be carried out after your horses massage.



Stretching is an important component and I help you to carry out stretching on a regular basis. 



I'm happy to work in conjuction with your horses other service providers and care givers, including your vet, chiropractor, farrier, trimmer or trainer, to optimise the care.


I can also help you to plan an exercise schedule appropriate to your horses condition if you need assistance in this area.



Bodywork sessions will involve an initial session and a series of follow up sessions. I require all clients to work with me for a minimum of 1 month initially, and then depending on progress and your requirements, we can work out a longer term program of bodywork as needed.

The initial session typically takes around 1 hour to complete and usually includes a history, palpation and massage.

The aim of the follow ups is for continual improvement. Follow ups will typically take no longer than 30 minutes with the horse, and will involve a combination of massage, active and passive stretching, as well as use of  SureFoot pads.



Saddle fit assessments can be carried out upon request. 




Feel free to flick me an email, text, contact via my facebook page or give me a ring to discuss your needs. 


I'm based in Central Otago and service all of Central Otago and Lakes District. I'm happy to travel to other districts, subject to demand.

Email: jkequinemassage@gmail.com
Tel:  +64 (21) 202 1747

Six days a week

Contact me for appointments


No appointments on Sundays and Public Holidays




Comfortable, pain free horses are relaxed, happier, safer and much more trainable. Whatever your discipline, JK Equine Massage is happy to help.


I've got over 30 years experience riding and working with horses, and I'm passionate about developing horses to their highest potential, whether that potential is being a happy and safe paddock mate or a four star eventer.

I've qualified with Equinology Incorporated, and that means that I've received quality bodywork and massage training and I'm devoted to ongoing study. I draw on my experience gained from many hours of classical dressage training, hoof trimming, and groundwork to help horses move well and feel better. I'm also a professional member of the International Equine Body Worker Association (IEBWA).


Most horses respond positively to massage. Equines of all disciplines and backgrounds including retired horses and youngstock can all benefit from appropriate massage. Massage can be used to address specific issues that you may have identified, or as part of your general wellness routine. 


It is a requirement to get veterinary clearance for massage if your horse is under veterinary care, and I will be happy to assist you with this.

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